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Practicing Mindful Self-Care


How are your New Year’s Intentions coming along? If you’re already falling out of the new routines you’re trying to establish, you’re not alone. Many people are feeling stressed already in the new year and having a hard time finding a new rhythm. The self-care strategies below can help you to create a firmer foundation from which to begin to move toward your intentions. Or if you’re already in a good rhythm, they’ll support you as you continue to move forward. Each of these tips is designed to support you as you live more intentionally.

  1. Practice mindfulness meditation to increase awareness and decrease stress. Studies show that practicing mindfulness results in decreased symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and an increased sense of peace, happiness and wellbeing. All of the work that I do when teaching people how to increase peace, happiness and wellbeing is grounded in mindfulness training, because it’s the best foundation I’ve found for helping people to make any kind of changes.
  2. Make a commitment to your own wellbeing. Eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, drink adequate amounts of water and limit your exposure to toxic chemicals.
  3. Focus some attention on what is good in your life and the world. You can encourage positive mental and emotional states by pausing to notice and feel grateful for what’s going well in your life. Take time each day to notice something beautiful in the simplicity of your every day. If you need some extra encouragement in this area, follow my Instagram account @MeditateCreate where I’m posting mindful photographs of the beauty in this world.
  4. Practice compassion toward yourself and others. Treat yourself and others with kindness and an open heart. People who are kind to themselves have an easier time reaching their intentions and goals.
  5. Practice saying, “No.” If you’re in the habit of taking on too many things and then feeling overwhelmed, practice saying yes to the things that matter most and no to the things that don’t. Set priorities, and make intentional choices about where you put your time and energy.
  6. Make thoughtful choices about what you feed your mind. Find a balance that allows you to stay informed about issues that matter to you without overindulging in information overload.
  7. Get out and connect with nature. Slow down, and rest your awareness on the beauty that surrounds you. Take a walk. Pause to notice what you see, hear smell, feel and taste. Listen to the birds singing. Notice the color of the sky, the trees and the leaves.
  8. Live intentionally. Clarify who you want to be in the world, how you want to feel and what matters most to you. Open your heart to the power of creating a life that you love.

“After all, I want to live my life, not rush through it.” –Cheryl Richardson




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