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Embrace your authentic self.  Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful.
The world is waiting for your voice.

 Many of us grow up feeling dislike or shame related to our differences, and some of us carry that shame into adulthood.

Your differences are what make you unique, and what makes you unique is what makes you beautiful. Embrace the totality and the beauty of who you are. When you own your story and fully embrace your authentic self, you are free to live your purpose and potential. The world needs you to play your unique role, to express your unique voice.

In my early thirties, I had a difficulty time owning my voice. In order to help me to get more deeply in touch with my authentic self and my voice, I began writing. I studied and practiced just about every writing practice that was out there, and gradually I created my own style of writing practice that I utilized to help me find my voice. I engaged with this writing practice every day for several years, and I wrote weekly with a group. Each week, I read aloud what I had written, my innermost thoughts, to a group of about ten other writers. We were instructed to listen and not respond. After several years of writing and reading my story and experiencing the enduring presence, compassion, and care of the other group members, I was able to own my story, embrace my authentic self, and let my voice be heard in the world.

The practice that I developed is Mindful Writing. I now teach this practice 1:1 in person in Wilmington, NC, by phone, and in workshops and retreats.

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