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As you learn to quiet your mind and dwell in your heart, you will access the reservoir of true joy that already resides within you.

Every heart longs to feel joy. At times we become so entrenched in our stressful daily routines that we lose touch with a sense of joy. We feel overwhelmed by our experiences of difficult sensations, feelings, and thoughts, and we turn away from them and attempt to escape the discomfort by reaching for something to numb us out—TV, alcohol, recreational drugs, surfing the Internet for hours, staying too long in unhealthy relationships, overeating, oversleeping, and a host of other attempts to escape.

The problem is that when we numb to sadness, fear, pain, or other experiences that we judge as unpleasant, we also numb to joy. We can’t selectively numb to our experience.

Awakening to joy is about reconnecting with our body, heart and mind. It involves cultivating the capacity to be present to whatever arises in our lives. We can do this by engaging in an ongoing deepening practice of mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness practices helps us to cultivate awareness of our experience and be present in each passing moment without being so reactive.

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