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Mindful Life Design

What:     1:1 intensive mindfulness training and life coaching program
                 available as a 3-month or 6-month program
When:    I am currently accepting new clients for this program, so you can begin now!
Cost:      $2500 for the 3-month program; $5000 for the 6-month program

Mindful Life Design is a 1:1 coaching program that combines a deeper and more expansive experience of mindfulness training with life coaching. This program will guide you applying mindfulness practices and principles to your everyday life to create lasting changes that result in a greater sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment.

If you’re feeling like the core of who you are has gotten lost along the way, we’ll work together to help you to reconnect with a sense of authenticity again. Sometimes life pulls us away from what matters most, but with intentional effort, we can get back on track.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • You’ve tried to meditate regularly, but it just doesn’t work out
  • You’re practicing sitting meditation but don’t know how to apply it to your everyday life
  • The core of who you are seems lost in grief or difficult transitions
  • Your life feels ruled by a chronic illness
  • You dream about being more creative but don’t get around to it

The program will support you in making changes that last, changes that support your happiness and success. It will guide you to (re)discover what matters most and design a life that supports what matters most to you.

This program is available as a 3-month or 6-month experience, depending on your individual circumstances and needs. We’ll schedule a free initial consultation to determine whether what I offer may be a good fit for you, and then we’ll determine the best package option to support your intentions and goals.

I’ll teach you how to establish a regular mindfulness practice and apply it to your everyday life and circumstances. Because the real magic of this practice happens when you’re practicing it both on and off of the meditation cushion.

I’ll teach you how to release old habitual patterns that are keeping you stuck, expand peace, joy and creativity, open your heart again, and stop letting the difficult experiences define who you are.

This program will guide and support you to:

  • Meditate regularly and integrate mindfulness into your everyday life
  • Create a lasting sense of peace and happiness
  • Make changes that help you feel better
  • Reconnect with your creativity


Possible benefits of this program:


  • Develop a regular mindfulness practice
  • Create a deeper sense of spiritual connection
  • Feel a sense of worthiness and connection
  • Trust your inner wisdom and live authentically
  • Experience a sense of wonder and awe

 Health & Wellness

  • Increase your energy and improve your mood
  • Detox your life and feel less stressed
  • Eat well and lose weight
  • Make lasting changes that help you feel better
  • Learn to live well with chronic illness


  • Feel creatively inspired
  • Develop a regular creative practice
  • Start and finish creative projects
  • Deepen your creative practice
  • Explore your personal story through writing and photography

Meet Jen

I’ve been teaching mindfulness meditation and coaching people to live mindfully and well for 30+ years. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 7 and have loved writing for as long as I can remember.
My 30-year career as a psychotherapist and a lifetime of writing and making photographs informs my work as a meditation teacher and coach to help you to make lasting changes and successfully realize your intentions and goals.

I’ve had the honor of teaching and mentoring thousands of people to experience the healing power of mindfulness practice and creativity. These practices have been so important in my own healing journey that I feel passionate about teaching them to as many people as possible.

I teach people how to develop a regular mindfulness practice and integrate mindfulness into their everyday lives. Mindfulness practice allows us to fully embrace life’s joys and hold the difficult moments with an open heart, and the result of that is an increased sense of ease, peace, happiness and fulfillment. When we really grasp this, we become less reactive to our lives and more capable of responding and being intentional about how we want our lives to be.

My work is grounded in neuroscience research regarding the neuroplasticity of the brain and how we can rewire the brain for greater peace and happiness. If you’re ready to begin the journey toward healing and awakening your body, heart and mind, I’d be honored to be your guide.

The Mindful Life Design program includes:

  1. A comprehensive exploration of your challenges, intentions and goals. Prior to our first session, I’ll have you complete a Mindful Intentions Inquiry to give us both a clear picture of your current challenges as well as your intentions and goals. This will help to guide our individual sessions and serve as a starting point for our work together.

  2. Mindfulness coaching sessions.
  • 45-minute coaching session during week one to set specific intentions and goals
  • 30-minute sessions weekly during the first month
  • 30-minute coaching sessions every other week for month 2 of the 3-month program and months 2, 3 and 4 of the 6-month program to support you in continuing to change your habits and lifestyle and deepening your mindfulness practice.
  • 30-minute coaching sessions monthly during months 5 and 6 of the 6-month program for maintenance support of your healthy habits and lifestyle changes.
  • Weekly email coaching to help you stay on track with your goals.
  • Unlimited access to me by email for the entire program to answer any questions, help you stay on track and offer support and encouragement.
  1. Extensive Mindfulness study. I’ll send you written essays on mindfulness as well as easy to follow instructions for mindfulness practice. I keep the essays real, practical, and applicable to everyday life. They are designed to expand your understanding of mindfulness in a way that makes it easier to practice, on and off of the meditation cushion, and incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. You’ll also receive full access to the home study and practice materials webpage for my 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course. This page includes guided meditation recordings, links to articles about mindfulness, videos about mindfulness created by some of my favorite mindfulness teachers, and links to other teachers’ talks on meditation.

If you sign up for the 6-month program, you’ll also receive links to all of the course materials from my Creating Mindful Intentions, Awakening to Joy, and The Heart of Self-Compassion courses.

  1. Mindfulness practice. You’ll receive a custom designed written mindfulness practice schedule tailored to your needs, lifestyle and intentions. I’ll teach you a broader and more comprehensive approach to mindfulness practice than what you may have previously learned. And I will give you the guidance and support that you need in order to be successful in meeting your mindfulness practice intentions and goals.

  2. Guided meditation recordings. You’ll receive my guided meditation audio recordings designed to increase awareness and attention and facilitate deep states of relaxation that support healing.
  3. Mindfulness Journal.You’ll receive mindfulness journal pages in PDF format to help you maintain a regular practice schedule and track your progress.

Cost for the 3-month program: $2500
Cost for the 6-month program: $5000


Sarah’s story

When I first met Sarah, she was feeling overwhelmed most of the time by grief related to her long time struggle with a chronic illness. She had difficulty sleeping and felt a lot of anxiety, and most of her thoughts were consumed by her illness. She had become isolated from her friends and didn’t talk with anyone about her struggles. Sarah said she felt lost and didn’t know who she was anymore apart from her illness.

As she established a regular mindfulness practice, Sarah began to feel calmer, sleep better, and feel less consumed thoughts about what was wrong with her. She gradually began to notice more of what was right with her. She was aware that stress caused the symptoms of her illness to increase, but she hadn’t really understood how placing so much of her attention on the illness had caused her so much stress. I taught Sarah how she could use mindfulness to bring increased awareness to the state of her body, heart and mind and then use mindfulness and yoga practices to calm her energy or enliven it so that she could better manage her energy and mood and keep things on a more even keel. I taught her mindfulness practices for cultivating joy, and within a relatively brief period of time, Sarah began to experience genuine happiness again.

Though Sarah had once enjoyed journaling, she hadn’t done any writing during the difficult times with her illness, because it felt too overwhelming. I gave her brief and structured writing prompts to help her get started. She soon discovered that writing about her feelings and experiences, along with the mindfulness practice, helped her to make order from what felt like internal chaos and begin to help her feel less stressed and better able to cope.

Though Sarah had no formal experience with photography, she had once enjoyed making photographs on her iPhone camera. I taught her how she could use mindful photography to further increase her awareness of her body, heart and mind to get more connected with her body in a positive way. Practicing mindful photography helped Sarah to deepen her self-care practices and further supported her healing process, which resulted in an even greater sense of peace, happiness and wellbeing.

Sarah has learned how to live well with chronic illness. She continues to enjoy regular mindfulness, writing and photography practices and is considering creating book of her work.



“Practicing mindfulness has changed my life. I’m treating myself with so much more kindness, and for the first time ever, I feel genuinely happy and at peace. I had tried meditation before but never really got it or stuck with it. Now I have a regular practice, and it makes such a big difference in how I feel. Before working with Jen, I only took photos of my family with my iPhone. Jen taught me how to use my iPhone camera to explore feelings about my life that I just didn’t have words for. I love how photography has helped me to see my life from a deeper and more appreciative perspective. My life is thankfully back on track after going through a very difficult time. I’m back to a regular writing practice that I once enjoyed, and now I’m really getting into photography and considering buying a real camera! Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and support and for helping me through this difficult time. I will always be grateful.” -Olivia

“When I first started working with Jen, I was looking for someone I could trust to offer me professional wisdom, alongside authentic kindness, compassion, and patience. Jen was hands-down that and more. Thankfully, I survived that difficult time in my life with her committed help and continue to work with her as my life coach and photography/writing mentor. In the past year, Jen has helped me learn to align my dreams, goals and values with intentional action to create a life of authenticity and creativity that excites me and makes me happy to call my own.  I couldn’t be more grateful to Jen and highly recommend her as a coach and creative mentor. Be ready for your life to change!”  –Lou Anne

“I’ve done a lot of work with different practitioners (and a huge amount of research), trying to get to a way of dealing with my insomnia, and although everything’s been a bit helpful, it hasn’t felt like anyone has really got to the root of the problem and come up with a realistic plan to start solving it, so I was starting to wonder whether there was any point in continuing to try. I’m very glad that I gave it one last chance and started working with Jen.

For the first time in ages, I’m making progress with understanding my insomnia and starting to shift lifelong habits that don’t serve me. After over a decade of sporadically trying to meditate more often, I’m incorporating formal meditation practice into my life in a way that feels doable, and it’s helping me to be more mindful generally. This is helping with my sleep, but also in the rest of my life. I feel more hopeful and more able to see positive changes on the horizon.

I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to become more mindful and make lasting changes in their life. She is very warm and understanding but is also focused on making sure you actually implement change and start seeing progress. I really like the fact that she has such a depth of experience and a background in understanding the neuroscience behind how meditation works – it makes me trust the process more.

Jen has thorough expertise in her subject, but she also brings warmth, creativity and enthusiasm, deep attentiveness, focus and lots of structure and accountability to make sure you reach your aims. She tailors her suggestions to meet you where you are and ensures that her recommendations fit into your life.”

Sophy Dale
Mentor helping creative entrepreneurs grow sustainable businesses.

Get Started Now!

The Mindful Life Design coaching experience is available as a 3-month or 6-month program. Please contact me to schedule a free 20-minute phone/Skype consultation so that together we can determine whether this program is a good fit for your needs and intentions.