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“Practicing mindfulness has changed my life. I’m treating myself with so much more kindness, and for the first time ever, I feel genuinely happy and at peace. I had tried meditation before but never really got it or stuck with it. Now I have a regular practice, and it makes such a big difference in how I feel. Before working with Jen, I only took photos of my family with my iPhone. Jen taught me how to use my iPhone camera to explore feelings about my life that I just didn’t have words for. I love how photography has helped me to see my life from a deeper and more appreciative perspective. My life is thankfully back on track after going through a very difficult time. I’m back to a regular writing practice that I once enjoyed, and now I’m really getting into photography and plan to buy a real camera! Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, and support and for helping me through this difficult time. I will always be grateful.” -Olivia


I would highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to become more mindful and make lasting changes in their life. She is very warm and understanding but is also focused on making sure you actually implement change and start seeing progress. I really like the fact that she has such a depth of experience and a background in understanding the neuroscience behind how meditation works – it makes me trust the process more.

Jen has thorough expertise in mindfulness, but she also brings warmth, creativity and enthusiasm, deep attentiveness, focus and lots of structure and accountability to make sure you reach your aims. She tailors her suggestions to meet you where you are and ensures that her recommendations fit into your life.”

Sophy Dale | Business mentor for creative people


“When I first started working with Jen, I was looking for someone I could trust to offer me professional wisdom, alongside authentic kindness, compassion, and patience. Jen was hands-down that and more. Thankfully, I survived that time in my life with her committed help, and continue months later to work with her currently as my life coach and photography/writing mentor. In the past year, Jen has helped me learn to align my dreams, goals and values with intentional action to create a life of authenticity and creativity that excites me and makes me happy to call my own.  I couldn’t be more grateful to Jen and highly recommend her as a coach and creative mentor. Be ready for your life to change!”  –Lou Anne


“I took a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course with Jen to gain a better understanding of the science and skills based approach to meditation. I have benefitted with better sleep, more patience and overall positive and appreciative thinking. Jen’s style is welcoming, generous, and a great fit for both beginners and veterans of meditation practice.”

Tracy Boyer-Matthews, Licensed Professional Counselor and Relationship Therapist 


“I recommend Jen’s mindfulness training to anyone interested in cultivating mindfulness in a safe and supportive environment.” –Amelia


“I participated in Jen’s Intentions workshop, focusing on setting intentions for the coming year, it was a great meditation and time to really think about my intentions. The very next day, some major positive shifts in my life began to unfold…. The power of the energy that went into setting my own intentions and then creating a mandala collage helped my intentions manifest. I am looking forward to attending this year, and see this as my New Year ritual for years to come. It’s so exciting to see what will manifest for me this year!”

Deb Shoemaker | Art Therapist and Professional Counselor


“I want to thank you, Jen, for encouraging me to dig deeply, to learn tools to help me feel, and not give up.” S.


“Sometimes my patients have internal struggles holding them back from their nutrition goals and I refer them to Jen for her expert guidance. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and empathetic. I love how she uses her training in health coaching and mindfulness based stress reduction to help clients achieve their nutrition goals. And she is also one of our favorite guest speakers!”

Laura Greenhow, MPH, RD, LDN | Owner and Nutritionist, Summerfield Custom Wellness

“Jen has a warm personality that makes you feel peaceful and ok. She has helped me turn the lens of mindfulness on my life and has helped me down the path of personal change, and doing so has changed my life.” –Tina

“Writing from the heart is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I allowed life’s distractions to get in the way. If I am honest with myself, it’s really because I didn’t feel I was any good at writing. Jen’s approach is helping me to trust my inner voice. I can’t wait to keep going!”Geraldine

“Writing about my father’s early death and the losses that surround that event has helped me to be more aware of how his absence has affected not only my childhood, but my whole life. I’ve learned that meditation is never perfect meditation…that it isn’t the perfection of each sitting that matters; it’s the fact that I’m practicing to sit that’s important. I’m so grateful for the through, thoughtful, compassionate, and helpful way that you’ve welcomed my work. Thank you for all of that and more.” — Kaaren

“I have new tools to use on my grief journey. Writing has helped me to put some difficult thoughts on paper, sometimes causing me to remember things that I guess I had pushed deep down—many sad memories, but some happy ones also.” — Shayne