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Commit to your own self-care. Learn how to make lasting changes that encourage balance and peace.

Well-being is an attitude of self-empowerment in which you take responsibility for the optimal nurturance of your body, mind, spirit, and environment. It is living intentionally and in accordance with what brings you meaning and peace.

Emotional well-being involves learning to decrease stress and become attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It involves cultivating an optimistic style of thinking and developing awareness and acceptance of your feelings and  a capacity to manage them in a healthy way.

Physical well-being involves decreasing stress as well as developing body awareness, eating healthy foods, getting adequate sleep, nurturing and caring for your physical being, and engaging in physical activity.

Spiritual well-being encourages discovering a sense of meaning and purpose and connection with something larger than you. It relates to the capacity of being able to balance your inner needs with the needs of the world.

Social well-being involves creating positive and meaningful relationships, utilizing healthy communication skills, maintaining respect toward yourself and others, and creating a healthy support system.

Intellectual well-being encourages engaging in stimulating creative and mental activities and developing knowledge and skills. It involves discovering your potential for sharing your gifts with the world in meaningful ways.

Occupational well-being emphasizes discovering your calling and engaging in work that is personally meaningful and consistent with your passion, values, and life purpose. It involves learning to balance work and leisure time.

Financial well-being encourages informed decision-making regarding finances, ability to use credit wisely, and skills for saving, planning, and investing in your future.

Environmental well-being encourages living in harmony with the natural world and understanding the impact of your interaction with nature and the environment. It also involves caring for your well-being by protecting yourself from environmental toxins and contributing to the well-being of the environment.

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