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Do you experience any of the following? 

  • Your racing mind and heart keep you up at night
  • You fear that you’re letting your dreams die
  • You keep your struggles a secret from most people
  • You feel you’ve lost yourself
  • You dream about being more creative but don’t get around to it

Then you’re in the right place.

If you would like to learn how to:

  • Quiet your mind and open your heart to more peace and happiness
  • Create a life that you feel excited to wake up to
  • Own your story and transform it into a more meaningful and purposeful life
  • Reclaim your sense of self and live authentically and intentionally
  • Develop a regular creative practice that resonates with your heart & soul

Then you’re really in the right place.

Ways You Can Work With Me

Click on each topic for details regarding my offerings.

Coaching  Learn how to live an intentional and inspired life that you feel excited to wake up to. I’ll coach you to use mindfulness practice to create an intentional life that is aligned with your authentic self. My areas of specialty include stress reduction, women entrepreneurs, creativity, women’s wellness and self-care, grief/loss, and chronic illness.

Mindfulness Training  I teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to help you increase awareness and reduce stress. This is a structured 6-week 1:1 experience by Skype. I also offer an 8-week class in Wilmington, NC.

Photography Mentoring I offer photography mentoring sessions to help you deepen your photography practice and make images that are infused with heart and soul. Learn how to connect deeply with your subject matter and create mindful photographs that express clear and powerful emotional tone. I’ll teach you how to develop a regular photography practice that keeps you inspired.

Writing Mentoring I offer writing mentoring sessions to guide you in using writing as a mindfulness practice for increased awareness. I can also coach you to develop a regular writing practice that keeps you feeling inspired.

Individual Counseling I offer individual counseling in Wilmington, NC for people struggling with mental health concerns that include anxiety, grief/loss, or difficulty adjusting to chronic illness or health concerns and trauma related to accidents, traumatic loss or medical trauma. I’ll teach you how to feel a greater sense of peace, ease and happiness and feel more in control of your emotions.

Speaking  I am available for speaking engagements related to mindfulness and wellness topics.

Teaching Artist  I am available for teaching artist and artist in residence opportunities.

FAQS & FeesPlease visit this page for Frequently Asked Questions, including questions about insurance and fees.

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