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I’m Jen Johnson, and I’m a mindfulness teacher, coach and counselor. I’m also a photographer and writer. I offer an integrative approach to healing and creative awakening.

It is estimated that 90% of illnesses are caused by stress, and stress can cause a number of physical, emotional and mental symptoms. My work focuses on teaching mindfulness to help you navigate the challenges of being human with greater ease and maintain a state of physical, emotional and mental balance and wellbeing.

Mindfulness has been shown to increase peace, happiness, wellbeing and creativity. I’ll teach you how to develop a regular mindfulness practice and integrate it into everyday life, because the real magic of this practice happens with regular practice both on and off of the meditation cushion.

When you work with me, there’s no going over and over the past. I’ll teach you evidence-based strategies to help you heal from the stress of difficult times, live in the present moment and feel inspired and excited to wake up to your life in the morning.

When you’re living mindfully and intentionally, everything seems to flow with greater ease, including your physical and emotional wellbeing, relationships, work and creativity. When you live intentionally, you really can, to a significant degree, choose how your life unfolds regardless of your current circumstances.

I have been practicing and teaching mindfulness for 30+ years. I teach and coach beginning and experienced practitioners.

My areas of speciality include 

Mindfulness Learn practical strategies to increase feelings of peace, happiness and wellbeing and decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and pain. Practicing mindfulness supports you in cultivating states of deep relaxation, which is the optimal state in which healing can occur, for the body, heart and mind.

Women’s wellness & self-care  Learn how to calm your body and quiet your mind so that you can realize your optimal level of wellness. I’ll teach you practices to nourish your body, heart, mind & spirit so that you can be your best self. I’ll help you to make your own wellbeing a priority and create lasting lifestyle changes to support life balance, healthy relationships, a career that resonates with your true nature, a healthy body weight, and a positive sense of self-worth.

Stress reduction  Stop trying to manage your stress, and learn how to decrease it! Your true nature is to be happy and at peace. I’ll teach you how to put things in perspective and start enjoying life again.

Loss/grief/transitions Learn how to hold loss and difficult times with compassion and begin to cultivate joy and a sense of vitality again.

Creativity  Learn how to stay creatively inspired, connect with your creative flow and develop a regular creative practice. I’ll teach you how to infuse your work with heart & soul.

Living well with chronic illness  Learn mind-body strategies to manage your energy, reach your optimal state of wellness, and prevent future illness. I’ll teach you practical strategies to put your illness in perspective and decrease the impact that it has on your life.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is awareness of present moment without clinging, without turning away and trying to escape what feels uncomfortable, and without wanting it to be other than it is. It is a practice of acknowledging things as they are in the moment and meeting whatever arises with kindness and compassion.

When we pause from the busyness, when we stop, it actually gives us a chance
 to come home to our hearts again. — Tara Brach

Practicing mindfulness allows us to be present with whatever arises in our lives, both the joys and the difficult moments, with compassion. When we bring awareness to whatever is happening right now, we have the freedom to choose how to respond rather than falling into habitual patterns of reactivity.

Our health—and indeed our entire lives—can be seen as the sum of all our
 moment-to-moment decisions. –Kelly A. Turner

Learn to Live in the Moment

I’ll teach you how to put the past in perspective, focus on living in the present and transform your struggles into deeper meaning and purpose. Something beautiful usually comes out of difficulty in the end. It may not be exactly what we want, but it’s often better than we imagine.

Learn how to own your story and make meaning from it. Embrace your authentic self. Your uniqueness is what makes you beautiful.

Do you pay regular visits to yourself? –Rumi

Jen is a Featured Expert on Mindfulness

I have been a featured expert in magazines, radio, TV and blogs. I am the director of the Invisible Wounds of War project that offers mindfulness, writing & photography workshops for veterans. Meet Jen.




Work with Me

Whether you’re new to mindfulness or an experienced practitioner wanting to deepen your practice, I will teach you how to develop a regular practice and more fully integrate mindfulness into your life. I’ll help you to design a mindful life that is aligned with the heart and soul of your authentic self. I offer services by Skype and in person in Wilmington, NC. Here are some ways you can work with me.